Benefits Of Buying Used From Dealerships Instead Of Individuals

When you are in the market for a used vehicle, many people will tell you that you should buy from an individual and to avoid dealerships at all costs. Truth be told, there are many reasons to consider your next used car purchase from a lot instead of an individual beyond price.

Guaranteed Title

This may be the single greatest reason to do your shopping at a quality car lot. Nothing is worse than paying a person for a vehicle, waiting in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles, and then being told that there is an existing lien that you are now liable for. Dealerships provide a guaranteed title for all of their products, and you can rest assured the title is free and clear.


Buying a certified pre-owned vehicle usually carries a manufacturer’s warranty. That means the automobile must meet higher mechanical and appearance standards before it can be resold. Be sure and also request a history report that shows the certification process.

One Stop Shop

Why go through the hassle of scouring the newspaper or internet for people trying to sell their old vehicles and then traveling to look at their one and only car? Instead, visit a dealer’s lot and shop around through many different makes and models until you find exactly what you are looking for. Test drives are also safer to conduct there instead of with a stranger.

Trade In

A quick and easy way to reduce the sticker price on a used auto is to take advantage of the car dealer’s trade in program. If you have your own older car, you can drive in with it and drive out with a “new to you” car. Despite common perception, car lots will pay you pretty close to the private sale amount if it is in decent condition.

After Sales Service

An ongoing benefit you can reap from a dealership is the after sales services they typically provide. Many shops will offer maintenance and spare parts for you when you buy from them. For any services that are not included, they will also provide specials or discounts to customers.

Legal Protection

Purchasing an automobile from a dealership offers immensely greater legal protection for you. Quality dealers must comply with the Fair Trading Act, the Sale of Goods Act and the Consumer Guarantees Act.

The Fair Trading Act prohibits “misleading or deceptive conduct, false representations and unfair practices.” The Sale of Goods Act requires that anything sold must be in decent condition. Lastly, the Consumer Guarantees Act allows consumers to seek damages from the seller if they did not have the proper rights to sell you that automobile or if there was money previously owed on it.

How To Choose The Right Auto Repair Shop

When you decide to have a car today, you are considering so much more than you used to. The economy has made us all leery of spending where we don’t have to but in many places in the world, you need a car. This is an expense in several ways and they are; the car payment, the insurance as well and if you are making a payment each month then they require full-waiver which is collision etc. On top of that, you have the car repair. This is the one to factor in today because if you make a payment and the car breaks you still need to pay that car note least you lose the car. This is a headache but if you screen auto-repair shops before you have a repair you can feel out the situation and get better service and a better price. Most people don’t think of and don’t want to think of a car repair shop until it is too late and something goes wrong with the car but some good research at different times during the year is something worth doing.

Some tips to choosing the right auto repair shop and tire dealer

The next time you go for an oil change look at the place to see if they do anything else like tires or auto repair. If they do then check out the prices while you wait for the oil to be changed and the tire rotation to be done and get to talking to the mechanics and the staff because statistically people who are well-known at an establishment are more likely to get great deals and less likely to get ripped off.

Check for whom they are accredited by as well

Credentials go a long way and you should look to see who endorses them and who recommends them. The American Automobile Associations endorses and rates auto repair shops all over the U.S. and Canada. You may even ask them if their mechanics are certified and who certify them.

Private garages versus chains and dealerships

For auto repair, you have choices as to who you go to and there are differences you should take heed of. There are many people who insist on bringing their cars into the dealership to be repaired. This is fine when a new car is still under warranty but people continue to do so after the warranty is expired. This is a fools-game of sorts because it is the most expensive option. The second choice is a chain like an auto parts dealer. They are good for the parts but as far as the services are, concerned it can be cheap or it can be expensive depending on what the service is you are having done so be aware and shop around.

Benefits of Buying Cheap Used Cars

If you have ever dreamt of having your own four-wheeler then now it is the time to make purchases, as these days the demand of used cars is rapidly increasing. No matter where you stay, now you can buy cheap used cars on your desired terms without compromising on the quality aspect. Here are some of the benefits of buying cheap Vehicles:

Saving money

If you are looking forward to buy cheap used cars, definitely you need to put in some extra efforts from your side as this would help you to get in to the best deal. Availing used four-wheeler can allow you to save money and at the same time you might also not have to compromise on quality. From various source of information, collect more details about various used cars. Next step would be to compare different autos you have searched and then take the decision of buying vehicles at affordable rate.

Less depreciation
It is well known fact that used auto have least amount of depreciation as compared to new cars. New car depreciates on higher amount from the day they come out on the road, whereas used cars have already been depreciated before so here the amount of depreciation is less. Buy cheap used vehicles and enjoy lesser rate of depreciation as this is quiet beneficial from buyers point of view.

Extended warranty
Basically if you buy cheap used cars from reputed or well known dealer then you can get extended warranty period. This is moreover possible when you look for certified used cars. Getting warranty period would assist you in curtailing repair expenses and ultimately you might end up saving more money.

Economic stability
There is a good rolling of money in the market due to increase in sale of used car and this leads to more economic stability. While this is not the case in new car, as here the money gets blocked. This is one of the most important benefits of purchasing used cars, which not only benefits you but also your country.